Moving Checklist

A checklist to help you get ready for moving day

Here's our handly guide of things to think about before and on your moving day.

  • Please try not overfill as this may cause damage to items inside, or to the people removing them.
  • Label your boxes clearly with the destination room (eg. "Living Room", "Kitchen", "Main Bedroom", etc.)
  • Keep all important documents with you, passport, driving licence, bank statements personal letters. 
  • Retain keys, remote controls and fitments i.e. screws etc to any dismantled furniture.
  • Washing machines and electrical appliances should be disconnected prior to our arrival as grimshaws are not liable for any leaks, pipe damage etc. 
  • Remember to put your transport bolts in your washing machine prior to our arrival.
  • Gas appliances should be disconnected by a professional prior to our arrival.
  • Dismantle any flat packed furniture prior to our arrival (unless arranged differently).
  • We cannot transport any pets, paint, or gas bottles in the removal truck. Please make arrangements for this prior to our arrival
  • Please remove any wall mounted televisions and disconnect all electrical items
  • Take final meter readings


Rocking horse ready to be packaged
Rocking horse packaged in bubblewrap and shrinkwrap